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World Cup Final - Argentina Defensive Markings

📝 Analysis of Argentina's defensive approach against France in the World Cup Final. The general idea was to have numerical advantage in midfield by having De Paul positioned inside and only going outside when the ball reached France's fullback Theo Hernández. This movement was key as it allowed Messi to stay high up the pitch and use his energy for the offensive phase rather than having to drop back and defend.

🎯 Defensive Phase - Markings

✅ Otamendi and Romero in a 2v1 situation vs Giroud

✅ Molina and Tagliafico occupying France's wingers (Mbappé and Dembelé)

✅ Enzo Fernández and Mac Allister on Rabiot and Griezmann respectively

✅ De Paul the free man in midfield

✅ Julian Álvarez dropping back to pickup Tchouaméni and Di María on Koundé

✅ Messi on Upamecano with minimal defensive assignments

❌ Theo Hernández and Varane the isolated players

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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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