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FIFA World Cup - Mexico Defensive Phase Markings

📝 Analysis of Mexico's defensive approach against Argentina in the group stage crunch match at this past World Cup. What exactly did Tata Martino try to do to stop Messi and the rest of the Argentina team?

The general idea was to isolate the play to the left side of the field leaving the left fullback (Acuña) free. This allowed the Mexican backline to have a numerical advantage of 3v2 or 4v2 against the Argentine forwards (Messi and Lautaro).

Hector Herrera was the free player in midfield who's job was to cover Chávez and Álvarez when the play was switched to the right side of the field.

The plan seemed to work in the first half as it ended 0-0, until Messi opened the deadlock by creating individual magic like he always does.

🎯 Defensive Phase - Markings

✅ Lozano and Vega occupying the Argentine center-backs Otamendi and Martínez

✅ Gallardo tight marking on Di María

✅ Guardado on De paul, and Chávez on Mac Allister

✅ Herrera the free player in midfield

✅ Moreno, Montes, Araujo vs. Messi and Lautaro

❌ Acuña the isolated player (being watched by Álvarez)

Look out for Thursday's post with more details on this match...🔥

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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