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FIFA World Cup - Mexico Defensive Phase Cover Movements

📝 Second part of the Mexico defensive phase analysis against Argentina this past World Cup. On Monday we analyzed their initial defensive structure and markings. Today we take a look at the cover movements that were established when the ball went to the right fullback, which is where the Mexicans were trying to isolate the play to.

🎯 Defensive Phase - Cover movements

✅ Guardado in midfield was the one instructed to release his initial marking (De Paul), and press the right fullback of Argentina (Montiel).

✅ Herrera, being the free player was instructed to pick up the mark left by Guardado (De Paul).

✅ Chávez jumped one player and pressed Rodríguez while Álvarez came from the right wingback position inside to mark Mac Allister. This ensured that all three of the Argentine midfielders were marked.

✅ Lozano and Vega occupying the Argentine center-backs Otamendi and Martínez.

✅ Gallardo tight marking on Di María.

✅ Moreno, Montes, Araujo vs. Messi and Lautaro in the defensive backline.

❌ Acuña the isolated player on the other side of the pitch (being watched by Álvarez)

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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