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FIFA World Cup - South Korea Offensive Phase Wing Play

📝 Today we analyze what Korea Republic look do when they are in the Offensive Phase. In this sequence, it is very clear that they always look to play the ball wide with minimal occupation of players and passes in the middle of the pitch. They look to create danger and penetrate the opponent through the outside channels (left and right), creating 2v1 situations on the wings, having attacking players making forward runs and finally accumulate numbers in the box when the crosses come in. The finishing "hot-spots".

🎯 Offensive play wing play

✅ Play through the outside channels

✅ Create 2v1 situations on the wings

✅ Attacking runs forward (underlaps and overlaps)

✅ Finishing hot-spots

❌ Minimum number of players and passes through the middle channels

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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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