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Training Exersice - Offensive Phase Zone 02

⚽ Offensive Phase Zone 02

🎯 Objective: Offensive shape

Training Contents:

✅ Positional play and occupation of space during offensive phase.

✅ Being well positioned for the defensive transition in case of lost possession.

📝 Description:

In attack the team can occupy 3/4 zones when the ball is in their own half. When the ball is played into the opposition half, the team must occupy 2/4 zones with the defensive line situated on the halfway line.

It is crucial for the team to shut the lines when the ball is in the attacking third in order to be well positioned in case the ball is lost. Even though the team is attacking, they must also always think about the possibility of loosing the ball and how they must react when it happens.

The defending team must always occupy 2/4 zones in order to be compact, and leaving minimal space to play between the lines. Ideally our defensive block should always maintain a shape between 24-30m.

🏟️ Space: 90x70m

⌚ Time: 2x10min

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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