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Training Exercise - Transition 3:2 to 3:4

đŸŽ„ Training Exercise - Transition 3:2 to 3:4

đŸ§‘â€đŸ« Transition exercise designed to work on speed of play when attacking in overload and defending in underload.

Three (black) go against two (white), once the attacking action is finished, an additional two (white) incorporate into the attacking actions and the roles of attacking/defeding are reveresed.

Make sure the players are switching the mental chip from attack to defense and vice-versa quickly. Speed of play in all actions is crucial for this exercise to be implemented correctly.

🎯 Attacking overload

🎯 Defending underload

🎯 Speed of play

đŸŸïž 40x30m

⌚ 2 series x 6 reps per player

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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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