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Training Exercise - Rondo 4:2/3:1 Defensive Pressing Rondo

🎥 Training Exercise - Defensive Rondo 4:2/3:1

🧑‍🏫 The exercise starts with two players (black) pressing the middle rondo in a 4:2 situation. Once the ball is recovered, they can score in the countergoal for double the points.

Next action is they split up and press the outside rondos in a 3:1 situation. Again, if the ball is recovered they can score in the countergoals for double the points.

Finally, once the defensive pair has recovered both balls, they end with a sprint to the cone simulating a defensive recovery run.

This exercise is great to improve on high intensity actions such as pressing and defensive recovery runs.

🎯 Pressing

🎯 Recovery runs

🎯 High intensity actions

🏟️ 12x12m/8x8m

⌚ 4 series x 3min

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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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