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Training Exercise - Rondo 3:3+3 Double Grid

🎥 Training Exercise - Rondo 3:3+3 Double Grid

🧑‍🏫 Three team rondo exercise. Three red vs. three green plus three white (neutrals). The players inside the grid are free to move around and occupy the space accordingly. The objective is to combine x number of passes before playing out to the furthest player positioned on the other grid.

If the defending teams recovers the ball, quickly transition and play the ball out of the active grid. Counterpressing is on to try and recover the ball before the other team plays it out.

Limit the number of touches, number of passes before being able to change grid to give the training more variety.

🎯 Ball possession

🎯 Attract pressure and play out

🎯 Offensive re-organization

🎯 Counterpressing

🏟️ 20x40m (20x20m boxes)

⌚ 6 series x 2min

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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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