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Training Exercise - Possession (Third-Man or Triangle Play)

🎥 Training Exercise - Possession (Third-Man or Triangle Play)

🧑‍🏫 7:7+2 third-man play possession exercise. The objective is to keep possession of the ball by combining inside/outside with the third-man. To make it challenging, and emphasize on the creation of triangles, limit the outside players to one-touch. The players must then exchange positions, one occupying the outside, while the other player is coming inside. This allows a constant flow of player movement and inter-changing of positions.

🎯 Ball possession

🎯 Third-man play

🎯 Triangles

🎯 Inter-changing of positions

🏟️ 35x35m (larger spaces)

⌚ 4 series x 4min

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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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