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Training Exercise - Positional Occupation Small Sided Game 4:4+3

🎥 Training Exercise – Positional Occupation 4:4+3


🧑‍🏫 This small sided game is meant to improve the positional understanding of the players when in possession of the ball. Four (black) vs. four (white) plus three neutral players (green).

The team in possession of the ball must occupy the spaces as shown in the clip. This will allow for free ball circulation and create automatic passing lanes. It's a great exercise to implement with smaller age groups as it will prevent them from clustering up.

The neutrals are free to interchange positions, as long as there is always one player positioned on each end, and one in the center.

Quick counterpressing and offensive reorganization once the ball has been lost/recovered.


🎯 Positional understanding

🎯 Occupation of space

🎯 Ball possession


🏟️ 35x25m

⌚ 6 series x 2min


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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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