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Training Exercise - Octagon Possession 6:6+2

🎥 Training Exercise – Octagon Possession 6:6+2


🧑‍🏫 This possession exercise is meant to improve the players positional understanding when in possession of the ball. 


The octagon-sided grid is meant to provoke players to be occupying the space in a rational manner by always giving the neutral player (green) a passing lane to the right and left.


Additionally, the movement and inter-changing of positions with the two players occupying the inside should be fluid with the two players positioned in the far corners. 


This creates an abundance of passing options to the player in possession of the ball and will explicitly teach the players to have a better sense of their positional understanding.


🎯 Positional understanding

🎯 Occupation of space

🎯 Ball possession


🏟️ 40x40m

⌚ 4 series x 3min


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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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