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Training Exercise - Four Quad Possession 8:8+4

🎥 Training Exercise – Four Quadrant Possession 8:8+4


🧑‍🏫 Possession exercise to work on positional understanding and learning to recognize numerical superiority. There are eight (black) vs. eight (white), plus four neutrals (green) who are positioned one in each quadrant.

Both teams are free to move everywhere, but there must always be one neutral player in each quadrant. It is with this player that we can create numerical superiority. Learn to recognize the situations in which we attract opposing players inside one quadrant and combine two/three passes to play them out.

Maximum three passes per quadrant. Set the number of touches to one, two or three touch depending on the level of the players.


🎯 Positional understanding

🎯 Numerical superiority

🎯 Ball circulation


🏟️ 50x50m

⌚ 4 series x 4min


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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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