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Tottenham Hotspur - High Block Defensive Markings

🎥 Today we analyzed Antonio Conte's defensive high block approach that was implemented during their win against Manchester City in the Premier League❗

📝 Manchester City are known for being a team that likes to build-out from the back using combination play. They rarely play direct when initiating the play. Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte took a very aggressive defensive approach by man-marking the City players when the ball when the ball was in zone 01.

🧩 Manchester City had an initial build-up structure of GK+3+2, with Bernardo Silva often being the extra player that drops down from midfield to further help create numerical advantages in such situations. This created a playing scenario of 6:6 equal numbers, making it very difficult to find the free man and progress the play forward for Manchester City.

💡 The man-marking was so intense and followed to the detail by the Spurs players that even the forward was followed when attempting to drop down and help with the build-up play, leaving man for man at the back for Tottenham in a 3:3 situation.

🚨 While being more exposed at the back, Tottenham made it very difficult for City to play out and progress. This approach also allowed them to win the ball in advanced positions and create quick counterattacks of 20-30m.

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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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