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Square/Diagonal Passing Lines

🎥 This video shows the importance of correct positioning in order to create diagonal passing options between two players. Square (horizontal) passes are far too risky to make, especially in the midfield where if the ball is stolen, the opposition can quickly take advantage and counterattack the defensive line.

🧑‍🏫 Most importantly, we need to recognize and understand that in order to create diagonal passing lines, it is the job of the player who is offering support to do so diagonally. If this player is coming towards his teammate horizontally, then the pass has a greater chance to also be played horizontally.

🎯 Diagonal passes are much more difficult to intercept than square or horizontal passes because of the ball trajectory. This is why it's important to teach players from a young age to always play the passes diagonally. It is key to design passing or possession exercises in a way that allows players to constantly be playing the ball with diagonal passes.

💡 We must first show players how to support their teammates, and secondly provoke them into always playing diagonal passes.

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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