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SoccerIQ Has Finally Arrived!

It has been a long time coming, but SoccerIQ is finally here. We are so happy and proud to announce our very own premium coach education online platform that we hope will help and inspire coaches of all levels around the world. It has been months of hard work putting together our brand and making sure that everything is in optimum conditions for our content to be as user-friendly as possible.

SoccerIQ is an online platform that will allow coaches and other professionals linked to the game of soccer to expand their knowledge about the many branches that make up the beautiful game. We will be hosting online lectures that you can download and navigate at your own pace. These lectures will cover all of the general topics currently trending in soccer such as, tactical approaches to matches and styles of play, technical improvement wether it is isolated or integrated, how to optimize physical performance and minimize sports injuries, as well as the mental aspects of coaching. We will also provide details on the more specifics subjects, for instance, sports nutrition, sports management, player development and identification, the new technologies and how they are influencing our training approach.

The lectures will be delivered by professionals according to their own field of expertise. Coaches will speak about tactical and technical aspects. Strength and conditioning coaches will lecture on their own unique speciality wether it is strength training, GPS, and more. This will allow our users to have a broad approach to learning by listening and interacting with individuals who are at the top of their game in our field. We look to bring people in from all the different viewpoints so that we can give you the most complete and powerful learning experience. If something is true in the world of soccer, it is that nothing is black or white, it's gray! There is more than one way to play, more than one way to train, and more than one way to get the best out of your players and teams. That is why the most important thing for us is to give you the widest range of standpoints as possible.

SoccerIQ is also a great way to start networking with fellow peers and lectures. Our hope is that as we grow as a community, more and more people will help us connect with experts willing to broadcast their knowledge in their specific field. This will allow our platform to become richer with exclusive content for all of our users to benefit from. Be on the lookout as we build our international exposure for a chance to connect with individuals near you.

Lastly, make sure you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned for our weekly blog post to read about different trending topics from various authors, and stay up to date with the latest events happening around the world of soccer. We truly hope that SoccerIQ will give you the best and most tailer-made approach to coach education opportunities possible.

Yours truly,

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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