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Real Madrid C.F - Defensive Organization High Block

đŸŽ„ Today we take a look at the Defensive Organization implemented by Real Madrid CF during a High Block situation.

đŸ§‘â€đŸ« It has become more common through the past few years for teams to implement a 1v1 type situational man-marking when located in advanced zones of the pitch, or as we can observe in this clip - when the ball is restarted from the goalkeeper.

The idea to simple - to have every opposing player directly marked by one of our own. There is no unmarked player on the pitch. This makes it incredibly difficult for teams to play out from the back with short passes as there is no free player, resulting in having to play the ball long.

✅ Makes it difficult for teams to play out from the back

✅ Possibility to recover the ball in advanced areas

✅ If the ball is recovered, the goal is in close proximity with an unorganized and open defense

⛔ Lot's of space behind our last defender

⛔ Long balls can be dangerous if we don't have a dominant aerial center-back

⛔ Can leave our team exposed if the opponent is able to play through the initial press

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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