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RCD Mallorca - Defensive Organization

đŸŽ„ RCD Mallorca have been excellent this year in La Liga currently sitting in the upper half of the table. Their impressive defensive organization has been a key contributing factor to their success on the pitch.

đŸ§‘â€đŸ« We can observe in this short clip how the team sets up in a Defensive Middle Block allowing the backline of the opponent to be unmarked. This allows for an accumulation of players in more defensive areas on the pitch.

It is the strikers defensive responsibility to make sure the ball circulation goes in one direction, not allowing the play to flow back the opposite way, while the holding midfielder is being marked. If the ball were to circulate, the striker changes defensive roles with his teammate.

You can notice at the end of the clip how they allow the opponent to play the ball into the desired areas (wings), where they have defensive numerical superiority to win the ball. All part of the plan.

🔍 It is important the have players with a willingness to sacrifice for the team. Having an effective defensive organization takes a tactical, physical, and mental collective effort.

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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