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Puerto Rico Experience

It would seem at first that Puerto Rico - a small island in the Caribbean - isn't an important football destination although after spending a week of observation at Bayamón FC (a member of DV7) my opinion has very much changed.

I now know that the Caribbean in the CONCACAF Confederation is one of the most influential regions when it comes time to decision making on various FIFA matters. These tiny islands composed of 26 federations can easily sway the vote one way or another for the elections of prominent positions such as the president of FIFA or CONCACAF.

Bayamón FC is a professional club located just north of the capital San Juan. With four full sized natural grass fields, it has the best training facilities in the Caribbean. The club has an academy with over 400 youth players from ages 5-18 in both boys and girls programs along with a First Team who play in the Puerto Rican Primera División and CONCA Champions League.

Thank you to everyone at the club who opened the doors for me to learn the ins and outs of Caribbean football. An interesting region without a doubt.

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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