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Netherlands - Attacking Third Offensive Concepts

🎥 Netherlands - Attacking Third Offensive Concepts

🧑‍🏫 During a positional attack in the final third when in offensive organization, there are certain concepts that we can observe and learn from in this short clip from the Netherlands national team:

1️⃣ Create triangles - dynamic player movement to create passing options to the left and right of the player to facilitate possession

2️⃣ Attract opposition - combine four, five, six passes in one zone of the pitch in order to attract defenders.

3️⃣ Defensive overload - attracting defenders will create a defensive overload in the active zone, freeing up other areas in the attacking third.

4️⃣ Favorable matchups - when other spaces are left vacant because of the defensive attraction, we create favorable situations in attack (equal numbers 1v1, 2v2).

5️⃣ Take advantage of such game scenarios to create and capitalize on opportunities.

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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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