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Let's Talk Tactics - Total Defensive Block Surface Area

🎥 What happens to the total surface area that is covered by a defensive unit as they drop back from Middle to Low Block❓Obviously the space decreases, but just exactly by how much❓

📊 It turns out that the total surface area covered is reduced by almost 50% as the defensive line comes closer to the edge of the box. We can see in this example that the largest distance covered of 329m2 drops by half to 150m2. Why is this important?

🧩 We can translate the total surface area covered by the defensive block as the amount of space that they are allowing the offensive team to play with (inside). The larger the surface area, the more space to play and viceversa.

🎯 This means that the deeper an opponent drops back, the less space there will be to play inside. More attacks will then have to come from the wings to force the defensive block to stretch wide and create more space inside.

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below...👇

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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