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Joshua Kimmich - Checking Over Shoulder Before Receiving

🎥 Bayern Munich and Germany international Joshua Kimmich is a world class midfielder. It's worth identifying the basic fundamentals that he has mastered which have allowed him to achieve the level of play he is on today.

📝 Take note of the following criteria that youth coaches (especially those with younger age groups), have to drill with their players so that they master them earlier, rather than later.

It is all about having them get enough correct repetitions to produce game automations before progressing onto more complex tasks where we introduce cooperation/opposition, or even competitive game-like scenarios.

🧩 Spacial awareness - scanning the field before receiving the ball -

🧩 Body position when receiving the ball - far foot -

🧩 Understanding of where the ball is coming from and where it needs to be directed

🧩 Perfectly weighted passes - inside the foot -

💡 Perception - Decision - Execution

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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