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FIFA World Cup - Physical Performance Data

🇬🇧📝 FIFA is sharing a detailed report after every World Cup match with numerous data points that are worth analyzing. One of the most notable is the Physical Performance Data which indicates how many meters players are running at different speeds. This first post is to describe those different parameters that are measured with GPS technology. We must then determine which are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for each position and playing style to see how our team is physically performing.

📊 There is lots of different data that GPS technology gives us but for simplicity reasons we will focus on these six different parameters:

Zone 1️⃣ 0-7 km/h

Zone 2️⃣ 7-15 km/h

Zone 3️⃣ 15-20 km/h

Zone 4️⃣ 20-25 km/h

Zone 5️⃣ 25+ km/h

Total Distance ✅ Zone 01+02+03+04+05

📉 The different speed thresholds are established tell us how much distance a player spent walking (zone 01), jogging (zone 02), running at a high speed (zone 03), running at high intensity (zone 04), or time a player spent sprinting (zone 05).

📈 The number of meters that a player covered in each zone will be added up at the end of the match to record the Total Distance variable.

How do we use this data to see how our team is performing physically and establish the different KPI's for each position in relation to our playing style? Stay tuned...🔥

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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