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FC Schalke - Dynamic Passing Sequence

🎥 FC Schalke Training Exercise - Dynamic Passing Sequence

🧑‍🏫 The technical emphasis is always on the ball speed, using both feet, and which foot of your teammate you should play the ball to.

1️⃣ In the first variation, body position is also very important. Players should receive with their hips and shoulders open. The first touch should be into space in the direction of where the ball is to be played.

2️⃣ In the second variation, tactical elements like playing short/long, third-man play, and playing the way you face are also implemented.

✅ Two balls going at the same time makes it much more dynamic.

🎯 Body positioning when receiving the ball

🎯 Short/long combinations

📊 MD+1/2 and on MD -2.

⌚ 3min per variation

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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