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Creation of Space + Attacking Movements

🎥 To generate effective attacks - spaces must first be created to later be occupied and taken advantage of. How does this process occur?

🧑‍🏫 In order to create a space that we wish to generate an attack on, we must create dynamic movements that will attract the occupying defenders away from that zone. Come up with situations that will force the defender to decide wether he should 'stay or go'.

Once the space has been cleared, we must have another one of our players occupy that sector on the pitch by generating attacking - forward or diagonal - movements.

Finally, take advantage of the attacking scenario you have created (attacking overload, 1:1 situations, etc...).

❌ Create space between the left center-back and the left-back by attracting him towards our right-winger.

✅ Occupy the space created with our attacking midfielder making a run forward.

✅ Take advantage of the space created by having a 1:1 situation and crossing the ball into the box.

How does your team create and occupy spaces in attack? Leave your comments below...🔥

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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