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CIES Report: Attacking Playing Styles in World Football

🧑‍🏫 CIES Football Observatory published an interesting report last week (nº84), where the attacking playing styles were analyzed in leagues around the world. The objective was to determine the most common attacking style in each of the different leagues.

The attacking playing styles where broken down into four categories:

  1. "Pressure" favoring positional attacks.

  2. "Alternance" alternating between positional and quick attacks

  3. "Waiting" teams with below average statistics for both factors

  4. "Projection" favoring quick attacks

You can observe that four out of the Big-5 leagues (Spain, England, France, Italy), all prefer positional attacking styles. Germany is the only Big-5 league to feature in the "Waiting" category, although their values were very close to falling under the "projection" or quick attacks category.

The authors finally stated that the same analysis which was done by league should be done at club level:

"The analysis by team according to the same method and categories formulated previously is thus particularly interesting in order to determine more precisely the attacking style of play of each club."

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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