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Chelsea FC Training Exercise - Hexagon Possession 8:8+2

🇬🇧 Training Exercise - Chelsea FC

⚽ Hexagon Possession 8:8+2

📝 Possession exercise in a hexagon grid by former Chelsea FC head coach Thomas Tuchel. Five (blue) vs. five (yellow) plus two neutral players (white) are inside the gird creating numerical advantage for the team in possession of the ball. There are an additional three players for each team (six total) positioned on the outsides to create further numerical advantage. Therefore, when the team is in possession of the ball it has a total numerical advantage of plus five (8+2:5).

📊 In this case, the exercised was implemented on MD-1. This means that the overall training frequency and volume (series and time) would have been lower to bring down the training load prior to the match.

💡The hexagon shaped grid is designed to create diagonal passing options (later triangles) between players and limit the horizontal or square passes.

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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