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Bayern Munich Training Exercise - Dynamic Four Team Rondo 4:2

🇬🇧 Training Exercise - Bayern Munich

⚽ Dynamic Four Team Rondo 4:2

📝 This is a dynamic rondo exercise by Bayern Munich head coach Julian Naglesmann. There are three small grids which are each occupied by a team of four players (yellow, orange, blue). There is a fourth team in the middle (white) who have to work in pairs to recover the ball in a 4:2 situation.

📊 The main objective of this exercise is clearly to improve a physical capacity given that the emphasis is on the defenders and the starting/stopping type actions that they are performing.

📉This could be implemented as part of the warmup on MD-4 to activate the neuromuscular type actions of accelerations/decelerations.

📈 Each team must recover the ball six times (three per pair of players) before they switch roles.

🏟️ Space: 8x8m (aprox.)

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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