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Bayern Munich - Positioning vs. 1-4-4-2 System

🎥 Tactical Analysis of FC Bayern's offensive positioning vs. a 1-4-4-2 system under their former head coach Julian Nagelsmann.

🧑‍🏫 FC Bayern had an inicial build-up structure of the goalkeeper and 3+1 vs the oppositions two strikers. This created numerical advantage in zone 01, especially with the help of Joshua Kimmich who was left as the single holding midfielder.

Cancelo and Alfonso Davies were responsible for giving the team width as the wide players. Their occupation freed up space in the middle for Sané who dropped in the middle and Musiala to play between the lines and be the link-players to progress upfield.

Mané and Gnabry were the players in the most advanced positions for FC Bayern, although they weren't playing as references. They were given freer roles to make diagonal runs out wide as well as coming down into midfield to combine with Musiala and Sané.

🔍 All of these offensive movements and inter-changing of positions create lots of caos for the opponent who are forced to run around the pitch trying to stay with their defensive markings.

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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