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Bayern Munich Attacking Structure

🎥 Analysis of the attacking structure implemented by Bayern Munich head coach Julian Nagelsmann vs. PSG in the Champions League❗

📝 Bayern Munich adopted a very interesting offensive formation during their positional attacks by having three attacking midfielders (number 10's) occupying the middle channel behind their sole striker.

🧩 It was clear that Nagelsmann wanted them to play between the defensive and midfield lines of PSG who were in a 1-4-4-2 system of play. From there Musiala, Goertzka and Sané made diagonal attacking runs forward as well as dropping further down when the extra man was needed in the build-up zone.

Coman and Cancelo were the respective wide men on the left and right making sure that the team had enough width to allow the midfielders to play. Kimmich was the player deployed as a single holding midfielder.

💡 By playing with a back three, Bayern had numerical advantage against the two PSG forwards. This facilitated the build-up play when the ball circulated from side to side obligating Messi and Neymar to press three defenders in a wide length of 70m.

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Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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