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Arsenal FC Training Exercise - Individual Technique

🎥 Individual technique exercise by Arsenal FC during the specific part of the Warmup (YES! It's possible to do this with senior players).

📊 This type of exercise is usually implemented during the last phase of the warmup, before moving onto more complex tasks with senior players. It is also common that they have a fun component added in order to reduce the mental load for that particular training session. That is why it is normally done on MD-1.

🎯 While technical exercises are used mainly as part of a fun warmup for senior players, they prove to be important when looking to improve technique and should be implemented when training younger age groups (5-12).

Technical elements that should trained on with these types of exercises are: ✅ Passing

✅ Receiving (foot, thighs, chest)

✅ Dribbling

✅ Striking the ball

✅ Heading

✅ Tackling

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below...👇

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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