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Arsenal F.C - Attacking Structure

🎥 Premier League leaders Arsenal and head coach Mikel Arteta have a very offensive-minded approach to games. Today we take a look at which movements they make during the offensive phase to create their attacking structure which has worked so well this season.

📝 It would seem that new signing Aleksander Zinchenko is the key player as his high game-insight and technical ability allow him to move from left-back into a central midfield position alongside Thomas Partey when Arsenal have the ball.

🧩 The back-four becomes a back-three with White, Saliba and Gabriel. With two central midfielders, players like Odegaard and Xhaka are allowed to move further up the pitch into attacking positions closer to Nketiah and play between the lines.

💡 Critical to Arsenal's attack are the two wingers who are instructed to receive the ball out wide and create 1v1 situations, as well as making diagonal runs inside to create link-up play with the attacking midfielders.

🚨 The initial structure of 1-4-3-3 becomes a 1-3-2-5 with the left-back slotting into midfield while leaving a back three. Tactical genius from Mikel Arteta.

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza

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