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Advanced Offensive Transition

🎥 Today we are in the MLS! Let's take a look at how to win the ball in advanced positions on the pitch, and later take advantage by creating quick and effective counterattack situations.

🧑‍🏫 You will see in the first dynamic drawing that Philadelphia Union (white) implement a man-marking high-press defensive strategy. This creates difficulties for the opposition to progress upfield as the ball is not under control and forces them to make a mistake.

Once the ball is recovered, the first action is a vertical pass away from the active zone. This immediately creates a 4v3 situation with attacking overload in which the Union attackers are running directly at the defensive line with no help from the holding midfielder/s.

They are able to play forward quickly and take advantage of the scenario before the rest of the defending team is able to drop back and help defend.

✅ High press

✅ Recover the ball

✅ Vertical pass forward

✅ Quickly take advantage of the attacking overload situation

Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza


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