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Types of Training Exercises

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To be able to correctly structure a training session, one should first understand how to design a training exercise. To be able to properly design a training exercise, one should first understand what types of training exercises exist and how they can be classified. Therefore, in this course, we will take the first step into the understanding a much larger process. I recommend this online program for coaches of all skill levels, from grassroots to professional. It will improve your training methodology as it will allow you to better understand and structure your training sessions. Learn which training exercises are better implemented on which training days wether it is closer or further away from Match-Day. This online program contains one 2hr course. All courses are immediately available for a period of 30 days starting on the day of registration so coaches can study the material at their own convenience. We provide a quiz at the end of each step to ensure that you have mastered all of the content before progressing. Once you've registered, join the course group to stay in touch with members, ask questions, and start discussions. After successfully completing the course, students will receive an official SoccerIQ certificate of completion. Section 1: Introduction Section 2: Warmup Exercises Section 3: Optimization Exercises Introduction Section 4: Optimization (Non-Specific) Exercises Section 5: Optimization (Specific) Exercises Section 6: Cool-Down Exercises





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Types of Training Exercises

Types of Training Exercises

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